meet the founder & her story


Samantha S. Diaz

Magick Wick is a one-woman show based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with a knack for creating beautiful, eco-friendly, ethical, one-of-a-kind pieces for you and your spiritual needs. After years of experience practicing with healing crystals, plants, and the power of manifestation due to health concerns, Samantha decided to pour this energy into creating an inclusive environment for her fellow witches to connect with their inner magick and manifest their dreams into existence. Samantha creates and designs all of Magick Wick’s signature Crystal & Botanical Infused Essential Oil Perfumes, Handcrafted Candles, Energy Cleansing Kits, Witchy Apparel, among the other witchy & spiritual goods in the shop. She has certifications in Crystal Healing, Kitchen Witchery, Reiki Healing + Astrology.  As a fellow witch herself, She believes that Magick Wick is not only just be a one-stop metaphysical shop at but an authentic space for non-judgment. A place where we drop the masks, drop the facades and move into a zone of genuine connection- to ourselves and to each other. It is a place, not only for connecting with friends you haven’t met yet but also for deep spiritual growth, self-realization, transformation, and reconnecting with/enhancing your intuition.



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